The Challenge

50 Push-ups a Day

The Cause

Saving Innocence

The Prizes

#1 Meet Kellan in LA

#2 Point & Sharing Prizes

Hello Supporters!

I'm excited to kick off Spring 2016 with a fitness challenge for a good cause.

Human Trafficking is the World's second largest issue impacting us all. The average age of entry is 12 year's old. Saving Innocence is doing amazing work and this challenge is designed to make it fun to get involved with me in putting an end to a real problem. For as little as $5 you can support the cause and earn chances to win a trip to LA to meet me over coffee.

Everyone can make a big difference here and the fun of doing a fitness challenge is we get to all jump in together doing something I love to do already. Join me and let's get fit together and make my first challenge on MaximusLife a big win for a great cause! Every time you check-in and share on social media you raise awareness with us.

I will be watching for the Weekly Heros to emerge on the Leaderboard. (Hint: you can earn bonus points and mystery prizes for check-in photos and for sharing your check-ins via twitter...)


Challenger's Leaderboard

Join Kellan's Challenge benefiting Saving Innocence

The Challenge

50 Push-ups a Day

50 Push-ups = 1 Entry

25 Points = 1 Entry

Earn more entries:

Every share = 5 bonus points

Photo check-in = 5 bonus points

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The Prizes

Sweepstakes Winner

#1 You and a friend meet Kellan in LA

Overall Point Leader

#2 Inspiration Bracelet with Kellan Stamp

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Top Social Sharer

#3 Mystery Prize from Kellan

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Mystery Prizes

Be a weekly hero & earn mystery prizes by posting check-in photos in the app & clicking the share buttons (Twitter & Facebook).